Executive Committee

Conference Committee

Creates, publicizes, and runs the Annual INARS Conference. Decides on conference location, theme, design, and presenters. Read or download Conference Committee Policies and Procedures.

Finance Committee

Prepares and submits the annual budget for consideration by the Executive Committee in accordance with priorities established by the Board of Directors. Regularly reviews the organization’s revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency. Recommends to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors financial standards, fiscal policies and procedures in keeping with sound fiduciary and fiscal responsibility, and performs the fiscal oversight of INARS. When appropriate, advises the Board of Directors in regards to the investment of funds. Read or download Finance Committee Policies and Procedures and Finance Committee Operations Manual.

Marketing Committee

Promotes and publicizes INARS and RSM to the general public and other organizations and professionals. Develops and manages the RSM branding to increase visibility and brand recognition. Provide ongoing development and maintenance of the RSM website, which includes the development of an online store, promotional products, and establishes affiliate programs with other vendors and organizations. Read or download Market Committee Operations Manual.

Member Services Committee

Plans and executes annual membership drive, develops and evaluates member’s benefits and services, assists and implements communication with members and the Rubenfeld community, and maintains members’ internal and external directories.

Nominations/Elections Committee

Solicits nominations for positions on the Board of Directors and for Officers, and conducts elections each spring. Determines which offices on the Board of Directors are up for election in a given year, solicits suggestions for nominees for these offices from the membership, selects nominees for the offices, conducts an election, and notifies the membership of election results.

Monitors the composition of the Board of Directors to ensure it is representative of the culture and values of the RSM community. Orients new members to the INARS Bylaws and the Board of Directors offices, responsibilities, and practices. Monitors the operation of the Board and determine what skills need to be developed in order to help the Board become more efficient and effective. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Read or download Nominations Committee Policies and Procedures and Nominations/Elections Committee Operations Manual.

Certification Committee:

Collaborates with The Ilana Rubenfeld Foundation to establish guidelines for certification requirements for all levels of CRS, and submits them to the Board of Directors for approval. Certifies all levels of CRS based on the guidelines established. Read or download Certification Policies and Procedures and Certification Committee Operations Manual.

Certification Maintenance Comittee:

Collaborates with the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute to establish guidelines and procedures for certification maintenance requirements for all levels of CRS, and submits them to the Board of Directors for approval. Maintains the records of these requirements for all levels of CRS. Notifies all levels of CRS of their status of meeting or failing to meet certification requirements. Annually notifies the Board of Directors of the status of each CRS. Recommends decertification of CRSs to the Executive Committee for failure to meet certification maintenance requirements. Read or download Certification Maintenance Committee Policies and Procedures.

Ethics Committee:

Receives, reviews, and makes decisions on alleged violations of the Ethical Principles by Certified Rubenfeld Synergists who have agreed to abide by the Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles. Establishes protocol and policies for all ethical procedures, recommends decertification or other disciplinary actions to the Executive Committee for violation of ethical principles. Reviews the Rubenfeld Synergy Method Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles periodically; recommends changes to the Professional Practices Subcommittee when deemed necessary and/or appropriate. Read or download Ethics Committee Operations Manual.

Professional Practices Committee:

Periodically reviews the Rubenfeld Synergy Method Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles. Develops and recommends amendments to the Board of Directors for the SOP/EP when deemed necessary and/or appropriate. Sets the standards for CRS use of logo and other methods of marketing.

Promotion Fund

An opportunity to support Certified Rubenfeld Synergists’ outreach in their communities by offering financial support, upon approved application. This fund is for the purpose of hosting a gathering of Certified Rubenfeld Synergists to renew their work together or provide a community event to promote RSM.