The International Association of Rubenfeld Synergists is a professional organization founded in 1996 and licensed by the Ilana Rubenfeld Foundation. INARS is dedicated to supporting Rubenfeld Synergists in their professional growth and in development of their practices as well as to educating the general public and other professionals about the Rubenfeld Synergy Method.

Apply For Certification

Please email Certification Maintenance that you are ready to begin your certification. If you do not get a response with 24 hours, contact Barbara Conway, Certification Maintenance Co-Chair, 407-230-0400

2018 INARS Conference

Explore the landscape, Expand the vision, Empower the presence of RSM!

Rubenfeld Synergists will be gathering from all over the world to share knowledge, refresh training, and practice our work in fellowship. The 2018 INARS Conference is being held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 26 – 29, 2018. 

“Touch is a sophisticated language that can both listen and communicate.  It bypasses words and rational concepts and supports the growth of the nervous system, including the development of the five senses, and the abilities to orient in space, move, and think”
ilana rubenfeld – creator of rsm®