Safety, Compassion, Curiosity

In a Rubenfeld Synergy Method® session, emotional and psycho-spiritual processing are fully integrated with the somatic patterns in order to harmonize the Bodymind.
Rubenfeld Synergists journey with their clients. They use light, sensitive touch and compassionate dialogue, simultaneously, to track a client’s total Bodymind communication. Limbic-based emotional and somatic expressions, as well as verbal expressions, are reflected back to their clients, thereby increasing a client’s awareness of incongruities between what they are saying, what they are feeling and what they are doing. Through this process, a client’s “truth” is articulated more and more clearly, and can then become an integrated and harmonious expression.

What Experts Say …

From healers and poets to medical doctors, bodyworkers and brain researchers, the sources gathered here all offer insight into what makes RSM® so effective. These disparate voices –– acclaimed trauma psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, researcher/scholar/author Brené Brown –– illuminate the prismatic complexity of the individual bodymind, giving guidance toward a wholistic healing.

“Listening touch became my instrument for tuning into all levels of the psyche.  Touch and talk became an essential duet; here were two great healing forces that when synergized were greater than either alone.”
ilana rubenfeld – creator of rsm®