The body and mind are inseparable.

The method used by Rubenfeld Synergists is centered in the understanding that bodymind is inseparable. Memories, thoughts, and emotions are stored in the vast network of our body’s nervous system, vital organs, and sensory apparatus. Our bodymind speaks to us through how we move, hold our bodies, experience pleasure and pain, relate to others. Synergists teach us to notice the language and metaphors of our nervous system and how, with awareness, they can guide us to greater physical and emotional freedom.

How can RSM® help?

Clients report:

Increased bodily awareness Answers to the “why’s” they’ve asked for years Addressing physical and emotional trauma
Freedom from old narratives Opening tomore choices
Strategies  for dealingwith stressful situations
Safety and comfort with touch Relief  from chronictension and pain

What can I expect in a session?

  • Clients lie fully clothed on a bodywork table or sit in a chair.
  • Synergists are present with an intention of safety, support, and listening.
  • Using gentle touch and guiding talk, Synergists can help clients become more aware of their bodies, emotions, and stories.
  • Through listening, talk, and touch, Synergists tune in and respond, helping clients to stay with and explore sensations and emotions in the present moment
  • Listening to one’s own words and sensations acknowledged and reflected by another can introduce self-compassion and curiosity
  • Stories clients have known for years can move into new understanding
  • Sensations can become information, informing the client of new and old awarenesses
  • Clients can make new connections, have deep realizations, and release powerful emotions often not available to them through talk alone
“The combination of methods I have drawn together treat the client as an organic whole: as a person with body, mind, feeling, and spirit.”
ilana rubenfeld – creator of rsm®