Rubenfeld Synergists have been helping clients achieve greater freedom, movement, options and rediscover themselves for 60 years. Here are just a few of their stories.


"When I walked into my first Rubenfeld Synergy session with Mary, I believed parts of me were broken and that I needed fixing. I had the goal of getting rid of certain parts of me that felt problematic and unwanted. I felt immediate support and acceptance as I began to tell my story. I could tell from my first session that a spark of love ignited within me.  I returned weekly, and over time, I fell in love with myself--for the first time in 40 years I truly felt love for every single part of my being.  In previous therapies, I never felt the healing, restorative and freeing experiences like those in the Rubenfeld Synergy practice.  As a new client, I arrived on the table with a body that felt disproportionate, and parts that felt less important and less welcome, just overall "less than".  Through talking and support on the table, I learned that I associated my left side with being free and having fun, and I believed that this got me into trouble and I needed to get rid of my fun side to finally be happy.  During my lifetime, I had associated certain traumatic events with having fun, assigning blame and fault to myself and my fun side.  In reality, that fun side is invited over and over to be present in people's lives because it's SO MUCH FUN to be around!  It makes me unique and most importantly it makes up a huge part of ME.  So I'm no longer trying to change or get rid of my fun side, or any part of me.  Over time, I have fallen in love with that left side, that brings the fun.  I have fallen in love with my goofy, happy, boisterous adventurer that some label as too wild. I have fallen in love with my fierce, protective side that some label as too angry. I have fallen in love with my giant heart that literally aches with compassion when tragedy occurs, a quality some label as too dramatic or too sensitive. I'm grateful to my Synergist for her special gift of listening!  She provides incredible support, through gentle physical touch, reflection and affirmation.  She is a talented teacher and a wonderful guide on the journey to finding, and trusting, your inner voice and ultimately discovering genuine love for yourself."

– ES

Being Listened To

“Thank you for listening and truly hearing me – you “Get It!” You seem to really understand – without judgement. Thank you for your gentleness, humor and patience.”

– J.L.

Moving Through Grief

“The benefits of working with Joan have been most remarkable. The emotional aspect of intense grief and loss had become unbearable. I was emotionally toxic!! And all that stored in my body. I had become disconnected with my body. After a few weeks of therapy, I now sleep through the night, something I haven’t done in 20 years. Tensions and fears are disappearing. I am learning to listen and to understand my body. This has been a gift to me.”

– G.P.

Healing From Injury

"My back injury was a wake up call. In exploring the depths of the emotional issues that came to the forefront as a result of my accident, I have benefited greatly. In the sessions, I have discovered new directions I can take, that I have much to say and much to be responsible for. I am in charge of my own being and have recognized my body knows how to take care of me, if I listen to it. I am grateful for having been led to another way of self-discovery."

– T.B.

Stress Related Illness

“My journey into the benefits of Rubenfeld Synergy began on the recommendation from a medical professional. I was struggling with a long-standing stress-related illness and could not understand why I could not heal my body. The Synergist provided a “safety zone” of professional experience, expertise and confidentiality to explore my most difficult personal issues. Rubenfeld Synergy will be a permanent feature of my personal “tool box” to support me in achieving full potential in life.”

– L.H.


I left each session feeling lighter, full of hope and feeling more freedom in my body and life.

– Client

Amazing Birth Experience

“My Synergy sessions with Joan played an integral role during my pregnancy as she enabled me to come to terms with issues and fears that accompanied the traumatic labor and delivery of my first child. This understanding allowed me to focus on resolving immediate challenges such as pain management, relaxation exercise and accepting my inner strength and ability related to the birthing process. These sessions resulted in a positively amazing pregnancy and birth experience!”

– L.H.


“Rubenfeld Synergy cuts through my tendency to focus on the mind’s concepts, rationales, and old habits, enabling me to feel what is actually true in the moment. Clearly knowing my truth is freeing.”

– MT

Healing from Injury

“I had a shoulder replacement in 2012, and subsequently re-injured it in 2013.  As a result, every time I lifted or extended my arm, it would go into severe muscle spasms.  I had a Rubenfeld session a few months ago, and since then, have not had any further muscle spasms.”

– R.D.


“Each time I tune into my body, I feel a pressure release and I feel as if I clear out clutter and am able to think, breathe and function more effectively. I let go of surface stress but I feel that I let go of deeper emotion that regular therapy cannot reach.”

– Anne

“Listening touch became my instrument for tuning into all levels of the psyche.  Touch and talk became an essential duet; here were two great healing forces that when synergized were greater than either alone.”
ilana rubenfeld – creator of rsm®