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Your Body Tells The Truth TORONTO Ontario M4J 4Z6 CANADA

How privileged that body~mind awareness reminds us of how we RELATE ~ to ourselves & to one another, to what we do & how we do it; it is the very expression of our beingness. Thriving in exercising my well-earned apprenticeship, distilling complex into simple, while laying the groundwork of learning, unlearning & understanding, I revel in my capacity to weave a constellating web of action ~ through movement, thought, sensation & feeling! Sometimes losing ourselves in the process, but always, gathering us back up, wherever we left off, we progressively surrender to understanding while relating to the gravitational force in our service which naturally conspires to support us... as long as we are in human form in relationship to space & to this great earth ~ well founded & well grounded. We don't know what we've been missing... until we embrace the transformational expression of Awareness. Remember what feeling great feels like ~ Join the dance!

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Awareness Through Movement classes & Functional Integration sessions

Uni-versity of Life!

Axiatonal Alignment Reconnection