Certified Rubenfeld Synergist
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Receiving Certification as a Rubenfeld Synergist from Ilana Rubenfeld in June 2002, transformed my life. Personally, Synergy taught me to listen to the language of my body. I came home to myself and now live comfortably in my own skin. My head stopped riding my body as a horse. Rubenfeld Synergy taught me to witness my grief instead of being overwhelmed by it. To feel my grief and heal it with my body as the bridge from my fearful mind to my tender heart. I embraced grief as my greatest teacher without fear because of the safety, support and guidance of this powerful method. Rubenfeld Synergy revealed the ease and speed of miraculous shifts in mind, body, emotions with my Synergist as my witness, my companion. Spiritual insights from the images and messages in my body during sessions were profound. I live a richer radiant life because I Am a Synergist. I invite you to discover the infinite power you are beyond your life challenges and your grief. The door is open to all who knock.

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Certified Rubenfeld Synergist
Grief, Spiritual Alignment, Chronic Pain, Body Image, Eating Disorders,

Masters of Arts, Speech-Language Pathology

Gestalt Therapy, Portland, OR