A Free Practice Building Telecourse
designed exclusively for the Members of INARS

Have you discovered that building your practice with little or no support is hard work?

In INARS’ commitment to support its members in their quest to become successful Synergists with thriving practices, we provided a free Practice Building Telecourse conducted by David Goldsmith of The Goldsmith Group LLC in the summer and fall of 2010. You may listen to these 6 conference calls using the links below.


You can listen to prior sessions of this 6 week telecourse.
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May 25 Telecast:
Session 1 of 6

June 29 Telecast:
Session 2 of 6

August 3 Telecast:
Session 3 of 6

August 24 Telecast:
Session 4 of 6

September 28 Telecast:
Session 5 of 6

November 2 Telecast:
Session 6 of 6

Features of the Practice Building Telecourse:

* Calls will be monthly for one hour using a group coaching approach. Commitment to all six sessions is important to your success.

* The content of the calls will be focused on getting into action to build successful practices.

* Your progress will be measured – both size of practice and practice building efforts.

* You will be introduced to a “single daily action” concept that will serve your practice building goals.

* You will learn how marketing can become an integral and natural part of what you already like to do.

* Learn how to cultivate and take care of referral sources.

* Participants will be grouped into pairs or triads. Between calls, groups will be expected to meet as a support group and discuss their progress.

* Guest speakers will be invited from time to time.

* Interviews with successful RSM practice builders.

* Calls will be recorded and uploaded, and will be accessible in the members’ area of the INARS website.

Join us as we support each other in creating flourishing RSM practices that reflect our authentic and unique work and styles of practice. You too can achieve your business dreams and cultivate success doing what you love to do.