How a Compliment Touches Your Mind/Body/Spirit by Lori Schlosser

Lori Schlosser

Lori Schlosser

The last weekend in October was a memorable time in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Quite unexpectedly, and very early for that part of the country, a significant snowstorm occurred! It took a lot of folks by surprise! The other unexpected event that occurred was a presentation at the Mind/Body/Spirit Expo, conducted by Joe Weldon, Master Synergist and Co-Director of the Rubenfeld Training Institute. About 25 people, most of who had never heard of Rubenfeld Synergy were surprised and amazed by the gentle power of the work and the mind/body/spirit awareness they experienced— that connection that is their natural birthright! Continue reading

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Rubenfeld Synergist is Interviewed on Real Coaching Radio-TV Network

Janet Cook

Janet Cook

Janet Cook, Rubenfeld Synergist, owner of Body Whisperer LLC will be interviewed on the Real Coaching Radio-TV Network featuring the “Mind Body and Soul Show” on Friday, Nov 11th at 9:30 pm EASTERN.
Host Steve Toth will ask Janet to tell the audience a bit about herself and what she has done in the past to get to where she is today. Also, Steve will ask Janet about what has been her biggest challenge in her life that she has mastered and is now able to teach to others. The rest will unfold from whom the host and Janet are both ‘being’ on the show!’


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Touch communicates distinct emotions.

Recently, a member of one of my LinkedIn Groups, Maarten Aalberse, shared this interesting article about the communication of different emotions through touch.  In the Rubenfeld Synergy Method we discover the many nuances of touch.  We learn the difference in bodily sensation when touching with love, with anger, with hostility or with some other emotion.  Research now is revealing that we can decipher the emotion behind the touch, even with our eyes and from a distance. Continue reading

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Ilana Speaks About Rubenfeld Synergy


Ilana Rubenfeld

Ilana Rubenfeld

Recently, I had the delightful privilege of speaking on my Healthy Baby Boomers Network BlogTalkRadio show with the founder and creator of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Ilana Rubenfeld.  Although many of us have heard the story many times of how she began, it is always fascinating to hear it again, in a new way.  The Rubenfeld Synergy Method has come a long way since those early days in the 1970’s and this gentle, powerful and profound work seems to be needed even more at this point in time.

Take a moment to listen to the way Ilana so elegantly describes this work, what led her to it, and what she is focusing on now in these later years.

Rubenfeld Synergy – A Talk with the Founder Ilana Rubenfeld

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Reflections of a Rubenfeld Synergist by Doris Warshay

Some of us find that our true purpose in life is to assist others in their own healing.  As a psychotherapist, I view myself as a catalyst for healing.  I became a psychotherapist because of my interest in the psychological, my compassion for others in need, my desire to relieve suffering in the world. and my realization that if I can grow and change, so can others.  It is pleasurable and humbling, today, to know that I have found my Soul’s work.  When I help others, I find my joy, my passion, and my fulfillment.  And now I’ve come to understand that the more I work with clients and bring them to physical and emotional awareness, the more I learn about all aspects of myself … a genuine bonus! Continue reading

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The Sad Shoulder: Her Body Holds the Memory by Joe Weldon

Joe Weldon, Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute Co-Director with Noel Wight

As I was looking out my office window I saw her car make a quick left into my driveway. As the car climbed further up the driveway I could see through the two panes of glass {my office window and her windshield} her shoulders. They looked squeezed together like two unmatching pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. She is my ten o’clock appointment. Let’s call her Betty. I moved from my window which is in the front of my home office to the back door which is the entrance to my office. I watched Betty park her car and walk to the door. Her shoulders were stiff as if they were being held together by superglue. Continue reading

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Rubenfeld Synergy Method Demonstrated by Ilana Rubenfeld

Certified Rubenfeld Synergists often attempt to find just the right words to explain this gentle and powerful healing work.  But as we have all heard, a picture is worth a thousand words.  And I recently heard that a video is worth 10,000 pictures.

Here is a brief video demonstration by the originator, founder and mentor to us all, Ilana Rubenfeld.  Enjoy watching her magical hands at work as she reveals the secret behind this gentle and profound work known as The Rubenfeld Synergy Method.


If no video appears above, click here to watch the video!

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Body Awareness and Healing by Stephanie Smythe, M.D.

Working with clients after injury, illness or surgery is something I really enjoy. I find that assisting them with re-connecting with the affected body part and processing emotions related to their experiences facilitates and accelerates the healing process. Continue reading

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My Body Knows Where I’m Going … Does Yours?

Dr. Erica Goodstone, LMHC, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist

It never ceases to amaze me how much my body tells me, if and when I listen to its messages. Many years ago I had back problems. At that time, the message was loud and clear that I did not feel supported, that I felt nobody “had my back,” and I felt as if I had the entire weight of the world on my back. Over and over again, during the many, many Rubenfeld Synergy sessions I have received, I would say to the practitioner “I don’t feel supported.” Gradually, over time, my perspective changed and I was able to give and receive the support I needed. Continue reading

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Grad Student Researches Combining Talk with Touch

Several months ago, I received an email from a graduate student in the Mental Health/Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Florida Atlantic University, Luna Medina. Her request was to interview me, a licensed professional in the field of psychotherapy. As I explained my unique training and background, she became particularly interested in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method.

To my surprise, a few months later, she sent me an abstract and her complete study which is basically a literature review about combining talk and touch therapy and the Rubenfeld Synergy Method.

Touch Therapy Combined with Talk Therapy: Rubenfeld Synergy Method

By Luna Medina
Continue reading

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